My Gardening Journal

gardening journal

I had initially been put of adding a gardening journal to my collection of organisational notebooks, partly because I wanted to keep my notebooks as “professional notebooks” and partly because there are a lot of great products already on the market.

However, one of my at home goals is to work on my garden. So I thought I could at least start with one for my own use (this is usually how these things begin).

For the first time in years (nearly 10) I actually have a garden. It is a bit messy and honestly I don’t know what is in it as we only bought it in December. My decision was to leave it for a year and see what bloomed. However there was not much activity in the garden in the winter/spring months and I don’t think anything will sprout up in the coming months either.

So I think I might try to get some potted plants and I am keeping a list of things I might like to plant in the future.

My gardening journal is now available to purchase here.

gardening journal internalThe notebook is an A5 spiral bound notebook on standard paper.

Features include:

– Garden Planner (Month by Month) (picture 1)

– Gardening Monthly To Do List (picture 2)

– Kitchen Garden Planner

– Gardening Designs

– Project Planner (inc expenses) (picture 3)

– Plants List (picture 4)

– Journal

If you are a novice gardener or don’t need the full works you can still download for free my chart for planting bulbs (currently only available for personal sized filofax).


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