Filofax Friday: Visitor Checklist

Last week I wrote about my To-Do Grid and how I use this when I don’t have a specific checklist to do the job.

Last weekend I had my other half’s parents coming to visit and I quickly used my to-do grid. However I did say that at some stage I did want to actually do a checklist for this purpose to go in my information filofax.

Well I decided that I would make a visitor checklist now as I needed somewhere to store information for the next time they come to stay. I need to remember to have decaf tea, coffee and sweetener in the house.

There is a preparation for the visit checklist on the front of the insert (as shown below) and then on the back there is space for key information and things to remember about that particular guest for the next time that they visit.

Visitor Checklist

Free Download: Visitor Checklist (Personal Filofax Insert)


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