10 Ways… to use the 30 Day Habit Tracker Insert


This  free insert / printable allows you to choose the habit to focus on, write down the motivation for why you have picked this habit and allows you to reward yourself at the end of the 30 days. I have also included a bubble for completion of the habit. You can either proudly declare the date, just write ‘success’ or make a note for what to try next time.

10 ways to use… a habit tracker in your Filofax

  1. the obvious one – to track a traditional daily habit: exercising, eating healthily or having breakfast. Keep one in your Fitness and Health Filofax.
  2. to use as an alternative to the daily routine checklist (or equivalent) in any Filofax.
  3. to use in your Blogging Filofax – want to use social media daily? or publish a blog post daily? Add this insert to your Blogging Filofax to help motivate your engagement.
  4. to use in your Career Filofax – are you a job seeker? maybe you want to do a daily job search? Add this insert to your Filofax to keep you on track.
  5. to use in your Reading Filofax – use this insert to work on your goal of reading a chapter a day to help you get through your reading list more efficiently.
  6. to develop a regular writing or journaling habit.
  7. to break a BAD habit  – keep one in you food diary / recipe filofax to stop you from buying takeaway or any unhealthy foods – how many days can you go without?
  8. to track a challenge you are taking part in like NaNoWriMo, April A to Z Challenge or other daily blogging challenge or Photo a Day Challenges.
  9. as end of the day ‘downtime’. If you review your day / to do list at the end of the day – incorporate your habit tracker ticking off into your routine (or use the habit tracker to start your own end of the day wind down).
  10. to track your habits to find out how often you are doing them – you may not be doing them daily or weekly, even where you have no regular routine, tracking when you do something can provide valuable information to help plan your habits, make changes to your lifestyle or simply ‘give you the heads up’.

The 30 day Habit Tracker is available to download from ‘Prompts for Filofaxers’. Email Subscribers can access this download for FREE.


Filofax Friday: Autumn Bucket List

Download - Autumn 18.10.2013

This week we have an Autumn Bucket List Insert available to download following a couple of requests after our Summer Bucket List.

Read more and download this Free Insert at our new site: Finding Time.


2013-2014 Monthly Meeting Notebooks Now Available

It has now been over a year since I started printed portal with my first notebook for monthly meetings. I have used this notebook for a full year without fail and it has suited my needs perfectly. The new 2013-2014 version of the notebook is now available (get it here).

Monthly Meetings 13-14


Once again it features the Monthly View Calendars (September 2013 – August 2014) and for each monthly meeting includes an agenda, notes section and action points/follow-up list. The new design for 2013-2014 has very minimal changes:

  • additional of check boxes to tick of action points;
  • date of meeting and date of next meeting; and
  • extra notes pages at end of notebook.

Last year a few ‘personalised’ copies were produced by special request. This service will once again be available for the 2013-2014 notebooks. If you are interested please email contact@printedportal.com.

Summer is here… Giveaway Extended!



We are finally having good weather and frankly it is too hot to blog (and I have not been spending any time near a computer). I decided to extend the Summer Internship giveaway until Sunday 14th. I have added some extra pictures for you filofax lovers out there in case you want to see how a copy of the ebook (including worksheets) would look in your filofax.

To enter the giveaway simply answer the question

What do you hope to learn this Summer?

and email your answer to diy@printedportal.com together with your preference of eBook or the organisational notebook.

An additional note for fellow filofaxers – the notebook is personal sized (in filofax terms) or it could fit in the front of your A5 Filofax. The ebook is in A4 size but can easily be printed in ‘booklet’ format and punched to fit into the A5 Filofax (as pictured above).


Mid Year Stationery Limbo

I hate “stationery limbo” and can’t wait until the month of July when I can use all my mid-year stationery including… my Flamingo Filofax, my Turntable Moleskine (in yellow) and mid-year mini monthly stickers – all of which start in July.


I usually work January – December, but sometimes during the year I like to swap and change to use different diaries, planners and stationery items.

If you are a stationery addict there is something tempting about a fresh clean diary (one of the reasons why filofax is so great you can swap and change at any time).

This year, Printed Portal have also added a 6 month planner  (July – Dec 2013) to their range of organisational notebooks. I hope to use this in conjunction with my Writing Filofax as it slips into the front pocket of my A5 Finsbury.


Roll on JULY!! I can barely contain my excitement 🙂

6mo filofax

Review of my Daily Routine: Preparations for June


In an attempt to (1) free up some space in my handbag and (2) get over the loss of the structure of the A to Z Challenge in April I decided to use a daily routine notebook for the month of May to boost my daily default schedule and create something to resemble something more like my A to Z Daily Routine.

My May Daily Routine Notebook included the following sections:

  • monthly planner
  • goals
  • blog posts
  • daily checklist
  • master to-do list and
  • end of month review.

monthly planner

I had two different monthly planners in my notebook as I had both a list view and a grid view which I used for different purposes. Upon review (for creating my June Daily Planner) I pondered whether it was really necessary to have both and realised that I needed a solution to combine the two.


I keep a short [blogging] goals list on a single page on my notebook – these are my goals for the month. I have reviewed my May goals and rewritten similar goals for the month of June.

 Blog posts

I was over optimistic about how many blog posts I could do – initially I wanted to keep up the momentum of the A to Z challenge but this did not happen. Additionally I decided to redesign my blog post inserts again and this redesign has been included in my June daily routine planner and so far it has been working well.

Daily Checklist

I did not always use or check my ‘daily checklist’ but on the days that I did I was very productive. I was happy with the list and it has remained largely the same for the month of June although I have added in the day of the week as well as the date. As my overall goals are largely the same there was no need to change the content of the checklists.

Master To Do List

The daily routine notebook also included a master to do list. This is a list of my someday items /no specific due date items split into categories. I try to complete at least one item a day.

The problem is the list just keeps growing and with multiple categories it can be hard to prioritize. So this month I have been thinking about how to solve this problem without adding due dates or deadlines as this defeats the purpose of my master list. So this month I’m going to trial a colour coding solution and report back.

End of Month Review

I was a bit late getting to the end of the month review, but I met a lot of goals and feel like May was successful. Now all I can hope for is a successful and productive June.

My Gardening Journal

gardening journal

I had initially been put of adding a gardening journal to my collection of organisational notebooks, partly because I wanted to keep my notebooks as “professional notebooks” and partly because there are a lot of great products already on the market.

However, one of my at home goals is to work on my garden. So I thought I could at least start with one for my own use (this is usually how these things begin).

For the first time in years (nearly 10) I actually have a garden. It is a bit messy and honestly I don’t know what is in it as we only bought it in December. My decision was to leave it for a year and see what bloomed. However there was not much activity in the garden in the winter/spring months and I don’t think anything will sprout up in the coming months either.

So I think I might try to get some potted plants and I am keeping a list of things I might like to plant in the future.

My gardening journal is now available to purchase here.

gardening journal internalThe notebook is an A5 spiral bound notebook on standard paper.

Features include:

– Garden Planner (Month by Month) (picture 1)

– Gardening Monthly To Do List (picture 2)

– Kitchen Garden Planner

– Gardening Designs

– Project Planner (inc expenses) (picture 3)

– Plants List (picture 4)

– Journal

If you are a novice gardener or don’t need the full works you can still download for free my chart for planting bulbs (currently only available for personal sized filofax).

A to Z Challenge and Keeping up to date.


So tomorrow is the first day of April and the first day of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge (which I have been babbling about for the last  2 months and it is finally here). Last week on the official A to Z Blog Judy wrote a post about following and friending during the challenge. If you have taken part in the challenge before you will know that taking part, meeting new friends and finding new blogs to follow is a large part of what makes this challenge so great.

The blogging world is split in two – some use wordpress while others use blogger. I have one blog on each for this challenge and it will be interesting to see how they compare. The suggestions for wordpress bloggers in Judy’s post include – RSS feed, email subscription, Linky followers, Networked Blogs, Google + and wordpress follow.

I have now added an RSS Feed and Email subscription to my side bar. I had a look at Linky Followers and Networked Blogs and they didn’t particularly appeal to me so I have signed up for an alternative  – BlogLovin  – instead. As for Google + this continues to irritate me so I have not signed up for this either as I suspect it will migrate all my google stuff over and there will be no going back (but feel free to correct me if I am wrong).

I have also decided to dust off my Facebook page and actually start to use it and I have included a Facebook “like” box in my side bar as well and finally I have also got round to setting up my newsletter which will be distributed monthly and provide exclusive content to subscribers. Sign up here for free.

I look forward to seeing you during the a-to-z challenge.


Using Printed Portal Notebooks with your Filofax

You might already keep notebooks in the pockets of your Filofax. However, today I got asked about putting a pocket-sized Printed Portal Notebooks into a Filofax. So I thought I would show how my pocket and A5 size notebooks fit into a Filofax.

Personal Filofax with Pocket Sized Notebook

pocket notebook in Personal

1 pocket sized notebook will fit snuggly into the cover pocket of my Cross Filofax (however there is not enough room in my Slimline Cuban). Below you can see the view from the top and a slimline pocket notebook like the goals notebook really does not take up much space. However, with chunkier notebooks like my Blogging Planner which is 140 pages there is not enough give in the pocket of the personal cross. You can of course simply keep it in the cover.

pocket noteook in personal top view

A5 Filofax with Pocket Sized Notebook

The A5 Filofax is of course roomier and the notebooks tuck right into the pocket as seen in the pictures below – when it is pushed right in you can barely see it sticking out the side.

pocket notebook in A5

Pocket notebook in A5A5 Filofax with A5 Notebook

My monthly notebook collection are A5 in size. Again, these will fit into the front pocket of my A5 Identity. Of course the alternative is to actually punch holes in the notebook and keep in the Filofax itself. (You can punch the pocket-sized notebooks into the personal filofaxes as well, but they stick over the edge of the Filofax paper – slightly). The A5 Notebooks match up with the A5 Filofax paper perfectly.

Examples of the notebooks both in and out of the rings can be seen in the collection below:

a5 fiolofax and notebook

If you are interested get your notebooks here or download the A-to-Z challenge Notebook (personal) for free and print yourself (there is still time before the start of the challenge).

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Week #6: Valentine’s Planning and looking forward into March


It is my sixth week (I think) participating in Angela’s My Week. I love looking at what everyone else has been putting in their planner and how they have been decorating and doodling in it.

Like last week I have kept my planner 02 clean. I also got to use the Valentine’s Day Planner and pancake recipe which are included in the February Planner.


Great use of the planner this week.

If you are interested in picking up a planner yourself the March (Planner 03) is now available online and includes Mother’s Day Checklist and Easter Planning.