I is for… Inserts


It might seem odd writing a post about inserts in an A-to-Z Challenge where the theme is inserts. But I do in fact have an insert for my inserts. Like most fellow Filofax users inserts usually start as an idea or an alteration of an existing insert. Sometimes they start as hand drawn inserts (or tables) on regular Filofax paper until you decide it is time to computerise or in the alternative starts in your head where you think “I need an insert for that” and that leads to roughly sketching out different ideas, before a couple of trial runs with various inserts.

The second of these is what happened here. I wanted a better way of keeping track of my inserts and other people’s free inserts, or tips and tricks that I use or might use in the future. There is nothing I hate more in realising a saw the perfect solution on another blog, but not being able to find it again (or spending ages finding it). My inserts list also keeps tracks of all Filofax related things (not just inserts) that I want to try like: Liberty Yarn’s Filofax Templates for Indie Authors I have not used these yet, but they look awesome.

So the list inserts I added to my Filofax upon realising that I needed somewhere to keep this information are available here for free. Simply done the image below shows an example of one of the pages.


Do you keep track of downloads or information on blogs that might come in handy later?

Download: Inserts to use Insert


4 thoughts on “I is for… Inserts

  1. This reminded me of the idea of writing a list of all one’s lists đŸ™‚

  2. Absolutely brilliant! You have saved me much time and frustration. Thanks

  3. I keep track of some of it in Evernote. The rest I save in a document on my computer. I tried keeping it in my planner but it was too much work.

  4. I have a page in my filofax for useful hints and tips I find going across blogs :), I create all my own inserts (some based on original inserts or ones I come across) so I don’t really have a need to record where inserts are but the idea is really good đŸ™‚

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