How to use the Meeting Notebook with a bullet journal system

Everyone has a slightly different style of working. A Meeting Notebook can help improve your existing methodology, by creating a focus point and a place for all things relating to a specific type of meeting or project, but you can be flexible about how you use it…

Bullet JournalBoth the notes pages and the action point pages can be used using the Bullet Journal System if this is one of your preferred note-taking systems. The notes pages in the Meeting Notebook can be filled with tasks, notes and deadlines with whatever annotations you usually use in your regular journal so you can quickly extract tasks and todos, along with keeping a record in your Meeting Notebook of the important points in the meeting. If you have reoccuring points you might even what to use your own personal bullets to suit your needs.  I keep a list of Task Icons at the front of my notebok just in case, but they are usually self explanatory – but great if I want to add something to my reading list or visit a website.

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