SneakPeak: Happy Valentine’s Day

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Today is day two of our Kickstarter Campaign. It is also Valentine’s Day. Whether you are exchanging a card and gift with a loved one today or not – you will be happy to add our present shopping list notebook to your collection of notebooks.

The Present List Notebook is the March Edition of our Subs Club. If you back our campaign and select the March Subscription or any of the multiple month options you will receive this notebook. It is designed to keep track of the gifts given to (and received from) your loved ones over the next five years. It also has room to track key information such as likes dislikes and favourite colours. You can use it either with close family and friends which will make a nice record book or alternatively use it for more distant relatives so you avoid giving them the same present three years running (or both).

Help make our subscription club a reality – and get your own copy of the present list notebook (or print your own – this is a very handy set of inserts to have in your personal planner).



February 2016 Update


Thank You!!

Our December Kickstarter – the Goals Planner 2016 was successfully funded. Thank you to everyone who supported (and shared our campaign). All the orders have now been shipped and have started to arrive with our backers.

Thank you once again for your support.

We are now able to get excited about our other upcoming projects. We will soon be launching our… Organisational Notebooks Subs Club by Printed Portal which will be going live later this month.

A pocket sized notebook delivered direct to your door (or email account) each month.


We have also decided to join in the April A to Z Challenge 2016.

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This will be our third time joining in with the challenge. Once again we hope to design a set of filofax / planner inserts for our reader to download, print and use. It would be great to have a theme again – we currently have our thinking caps on but please let us know if there is anything you would like to see or like for us to try and include?

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and because we missed it yesterday – Pancake Day – Recipes DOWNLOAD YOURS NOW READY FOR PANKCAKE TUESDAY

Goals Planner 2016 – Now on Kickstarter

Goals Planner

We are pleased to announce that our latest pocket notebook – the Goals Planner 2016 from Printed Portal is now available on Kickstarter. Whether you are a stationery lover, a notebook addict or a planner enthusiast or are simply looking or organise your life – this planner is a functional pocket notebook designed to help you maximise your create your goals action plan, track your progress and review your goals.

Unlike traditional goals planners it is not driven by a calendar or weekly planners. You have a set of goals for the year and an action plan. You are in your own self-imposed timetable (but you don’t have to be). For those of you who already use our career development goals planner it is a similar style notebook.

Support our Kickstarter to help fund the new 2016 goals planner.

The pledge/rewards options include a PDF version as well as the pocket notebook – so planner enthusiasts can join in the fun too (but don’t forget the pocket notebook will fit in the front cover of most personal sized binders and a5 binders.

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Using the Meetings Notebook in Conference Calls

As well as face to face meetings you may have a lot of conference calls to attend.


Use a Meeting Notebook to…

1. Help you answer questions

As an attendee you are often called upon and put on the spot. With many voices it can be quite a task to manage the information received during the conference calls let alone trying to focus and pull together the information in the moment as you prepare your responses. In a face to face meeting people can visually see that you are mentally preparing a response. This is not the case in a conference call – your response time has just been cut short. By using a notebook you can record the information as the call progresses and can refer to this information to formulate any answers to questions asked.

If you use a meetings notebook you can also keep to hand any important information that you think you might need.

2. To help you remember what happened in the meeting

Conference calls can be very fast paced and everyone can be distractedT.herefore note-taking can help. Depending on the pupose of the meeting you might also want to record who is saying what and what you said, together with any decision made and any action points.

3. To help you focus

I find that taking notes note in a meeting – helps me focus in a meeting. Conference calls can be full of distractions that you don’t find in face to face meetings. Notetaking can make you focus specifically on what is being discussed.

4. Organise your notes

I find in conference calls the meeting is more likely to go off topic, jump around and change between topics (even when there is an agenda). With a meeting notebook you can create lists for certain subjects.

The notebook can of course be used in this way for all types of meetings but I find it particularly useful in conference call  meetings for these reasons.

The Meeting Notebook – now on Kickstarter

KickstarterbannerThe first notebook in the Meeting Notebooks Collection – the original Meeting Notebook – is now available on Kickstarter!

We are already 51% funded! Help us reach our funding goal by backing and sharing our campaign.

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