10 Ways… to use the 30 Day Habit Tracker Insert


This  free insert / printable allows you to choose the habit to focus on, write down the motivation for why you have picked this habit and allows you to reward yourself at the end of the 30 days. I have also included a bubble for completion of the habit. You can either proudly declare the date, just write ‘success’ or make a note for what to try next time.

10 ways to use… a habit tracker in your Filofax

  1. the obvious one – to track a traditional daily habit: exercising, eating healthily or having breakfast. Keep one in your Fitness and Health Filofax.
  2. to use as an alternative to the daily routine checklist (or equivalent) in any Filofax.
  3. to use in your Blogging Filofax – want to use social media daily? or publish a blog post daily? Add this insert to your Blogging Filofax to help motivate your engagement.
  4. to use in your Career Filofax – are you a job seeker? maybe you want to do a daily job search? Add this insert to your Filofax to keep you on track.
  5. to use in your Reading Filofax – use this insert to work on your goal of reading a chapter a day to help you get through your reading list more efficiently.
  6. to develop a regular writing or journaling habit.
  7. to break a BAD habit  – keep one in you food diary / recipe filofax to stop you from buying takeaway or any unhealthy foods – how many days can you go without?
  8. to track a challenge you are taking part in like NaNoWriMo, April A to Z Challenge or other daily blogging challenge or Photo a Day Challenges.
  9. as end of the day ‘downtime’. If you review your day / to do list at the end of the day – incorporate your habit tracker ticking off into your routine (or use the habit tracker to start your own end of the day wind down).
  10. to track your habits to find out how often you are doing them – you may not be doing them daily or weekly, even where you have no regular routine, tracking when you do something can provide valuable information to help plan your habits, make changes to your lifestyle or simply ‘give you the heads up’.

The 30 day Habit Tracker is available to download from ‘Prompts for Filofaxers’. Email Subscribers can access this download for FREE.


Filofax Friday: Goals Master List [Free Download]

Goals Master List

This week’s download is the Goals Master List which I have designed as part of my Career Project for Janet Carr’s Filofax Project. My Goals Section of my Filofax (which includes this insert)  will be explored in more detail in Part II of the Career Project. Coming Soon.

In case you missed part one – read it here.

Download: Goals Master List (A5 Insert)

Q4 Weekly Planner [Free Download]


The start of the fourth and final quarter of the year is fast approaching. It has all come around so quickly… how on earth did that happen? I have been thinking about this year, what I have achieved and what I want to do before the end of 2013. The question is… will I fit it all in?

I have things I want to achieve at work, with my writing, my blog, my artwork, DIY at home etc and the question is still… Will I have time??

So I decided to do a week planner for the final quarter of the year which includes week number, date and the to do item or target for each week (and a few extra weeks). So far it is working well and I am actually a week ahead. (Don’t you just love fresh motivation). I have made two inserts available for download and you can use multiple plans for different areas of your life if you so wish.

Q4 Weekly Planner

Free Downloads: Q4 Weekly Planner (Personal Filofax) and Q4 Weekly Planner (A5 Filofax).

Y is for … Yearly Goals


I tend to keep running lists of things I want to achieve before the year-end. I wrote a list at the beginning of the year, but I am always finding more things to add to it – books I want to read, movies I want to watch etc. I find these lists great for adding to.

Y - cover

Y - read

This lists themselves are pretty self-explanatory and the full set can be downloaded using the link at the bottom of the page.

If there are any additional lists you keep and you would like – add them to the comments.

Download: Yearly Goals

G is for… Goals Review


My Goals Planning and Review Inserts are not new inserts but rather a review of my pre-existing Filofax Insert that I wrote about here: Active Goal Management.


Because I love these inserts and see no reason to change them. However, I thought it would be more beneficial to readers (particularly new readers) to draw attention it once again and discuss how I am getting on with my goals.

At the time I wrote the original post I was between houses and hoping like mad for the purchase of my new house to go through. After 4 months of living with a very generous friend we finally moved in at the end of 2012 and got a huge thing ticked off our list. The goals page has since moved on and we have gone through moving and onto redecorating. I changed my insert into a notebook which I have been using for a couple of months.

As an extra goodie I have decided to offer for download the Monthly Goal Review Insert as an extra which actually forms part of my pocket notebook collection:

Letter G Insert

The monthly review pages come as part of the Career Development Goals Notebook (which is pocket-sized and fit snugly into the cover pocket of Personal Sized Filofaxes which I have written about here). However, I would like to offer readers the opportunity to download them as a stand-alone review which can be used however they track or manage their goals.

What method do you currently use for monitoring your Goal? Writing, Blogging or otherwise?

Download: Goals Review (Monthly)

App Review: Daily Goals

I have been using Daily Goals on my iphone for almost a month now and have decided that it is my favourite habit tracker that I have tried so far. It is simple, sleek and has that dash of colour to make it, well, beautiful.

There are two views: Month View and Today View. You have the ability to add eight habits. Personally I think that this is enough as you will want to focus on other things in your day.


In the monthly view (pictured above) there is an overview of the month including the habits so you can see how you are doing – the bright colours standing out on the dark background. The habits are also listed at the bottom of the page to remind you which colour represents which habit.


Clicking on “today” you will then be able to view your list of habits. Checking them off is easy – you just tap on the coloured circle. Simple.

However, this daily goals app is not without its downsides (how often do you get an app that caters for all your needs). Just in case you are considering downloading this (free) app I have listed the key downsides (which are available on comparable apps) below:

  • It does not suggest habits / daily goals – you have to decide on them yourself.
  • It does not have an alarm or reminder setting to remind you to do the daily habit (or open the app and check them off).
  • It does not have the ability to allow you to backdate/amend your entries – so if you forget, you can’t change it.


These downsides can be a drag if you are not the sort of person who will remember to develop checking and updating this app into a routine. Fortunately I am and do it just before I go to bed. Although that hasn’t stopped me missing a few entries when I didn’t go to bed before midnight.

Thankfully the downsides don’t really matter to me and the sleek and simple design is enough for me to choose this app to use each day.

Paperblanks Journal

This is the new notebook I got for Christmas. I did my thank you notes and said I would use this notebook as a journal.

This week I actually started using it.


Some of you will immediately recognise that it is a paperblanks notebook. It is a Tiffany Autumn Vine Notebook, part of the Tiffany leaded glass collection and I love it.

Paperblanks notebooks have never really appealed to me – a lot of their designs I don’t really like – but amazingly I love this design (and what is even more surprising is that I got it as a gift and wasn’t consulted on the purchase).

Do you regularly journal?

I used to write and read in the hours leading up to bed without fail when I was a student. Last night I settled down to write with an already sore arm, hunger pangs and by half nine had written nothing and had fallen asleep.

So “journal” continues so be on my daily goal/habit list.

Getting into the habit

Finding a routine for both journaling and blogging has been hard. The “way of life” app (which I mentioned in my previous post about tracking New Years resolutions and habits) has provided me with reminders at 9pm asking if I want to write in my journal. I hate the look and feel of this app and I am not using it for my tracking app, however that little reminder does put “oh might write in my journal tonight”.

Sometimes it works.

Unfortunately with such a busy schedule at the moment I can only do one of the following goals (not all 3) on a daily basis… Read, Journal or Blog??

Which would you choose?

My Week #2: Diary Entries and Goal Planning…

This week has been a rather hectic one in terms of planning – and home improvement. I am still waiting for my new diary to arrive (but I have received confirmation it was dispatched on Friday).

Until then here is.. my week (the front door light is currently being installed so no lights so I apologise for the dark photo):



It seems rather empty but that is because I have been working off a separate to do list – a step by step goal list.

The goal this week has been to get our spare room (and house) to a standard where we are able to rent it out.

This has required multiple shopping trips after work and lots of revisions of a master list.



On the first list is a general to do list of all the things that need to be done – sorted by room.



On the second page is a list of all the things that need to be done grouped together into things that can be done at the same time – together with a column for when they need to be done (and a note of who is to do the task). For example I have left all the heavy manual stuff for my other half as I know I simply won’t be able to do it by any stretch of the imagination.

App Review: Touch Goal (for tracking those resolutions…)

touch goal

Unfortunately Touch Goal has already been striked from the list. The free version only has the ability to track 3 goals (which is fine if you only have three goals, but I have more). However, the changing backgrounds are nice, the marking off a goal by touching the boxes is simple (although I cannot work out how to delete an entry) and it completes your tracking by having a graph/stats.

Unfortunately while it has a nice interface, nothing I have seen has made me want to purchase the full app. So moving on…

Active Goals Management

I recently read a post by Limetree entitled in desperate need of organisational help and I though that sounds familiar.  I used to use a similar system to the one that they were looking for in a “goals notebook”. Unfortunately a lot of my older notebooks are in much-needed storage therefore I do not have it to hand to take some pictures. So some explaining and mock ups will have to do instead.

I did a quick mock-up of a potential insert for the personal-sized filofax in the hope that it can be used by some, but it has inspired me to use this method again.
The Concept

The basic idea behind my method of goal management is that you:

  1. Work out your long-term goals (either in all areas of your life or you can choose to focus on one)
  2. Work out your Goal Plan – break down the goals into steps and weekly objectives
  3. Review at the end of the month.

Step 1:

Setting out my long-term goals. You can either pick to do you whole life e.g. one for home, one for work, one for your family etc….

Or can take the more condensed approach and do 7 long-term goals for one area of your life. This method works for both.

Step 2:

Next you need the Goal Planning Page:

Here you can draw the ideas out of your head using a few prompts (and there is also a brainstorming section). This allows you to plan your goal.  Simply guiding you in achieving your goal. I have included a few example prompts in the inserts.

Once you have the goal planned out (this is the what) it is time to move onto the when. If you are focusing on all areas of your life try to have at least one weekly objective in relation to that goal. But the more you can get in the better as you are getting one step closer to achieving the goal.

You can use one sheet per goal, or one sheet per week (with multiple goals).

Below I show the set up of these two pages for my goals for progression of the purchase of my new house. I have kept this one goal on the page – therefore the objectives have actually been split into two weeks on the same page.

Whichever way round you do it (by goal or by week) the key thing is that you do it in a way that you can see how you are progressing.

Step 3:

And finally the two end of month review pages:

Again, I have included some prompts and would like to highlight that the key thing is working out what you have achieved, how you want to progress and any issues you had in achieving the tasks you had set out. E.g. Had you tried to do too much to the extent where you got nothing done? Then address this when planning out your next month.

This is a brief overview of my goal management. If you have any questions please stick them in the comments or email me and I shall get back to you.

Have a great weekend.