The Career Development Meetings Notebook

KickstarterbannerA lot of our readers use our Career Development Notebooks, however, I often get asked how to prepare for 1:1 Meetings and Appraisals. The Career Development Notebook is great for setting goals and tracking progress but some readers are still struggling with including their goals in their meetings with their boss as usually their boss controls the agenda.

If your boss is anything like mine – they are likely to be very busy so it is important for BOTH of you that you prepare for the meeting properly so that you have a much more effective meeting.

Enter the Career Development Meetings Notebook.

I have designed the Career Development Meetings Notebook to sit within my Meeting Notebooks Collection (currently available on Kickstarter) and it will work with the existing Career Development Notebook.

The Career Development Meetings Notebook includes:

  1. Corporate and Business Goals Pages.
  2. Career Pathways and Notes Pages.
  3. Personal Goals Pages and Progress Tracker.
  4. Project Pages.
  5. General Feedback and Achievements
  6. Meeting Preparation.
  7. Catch Up Meetings – Agenda, Meeting Notes and Action Points
  8. Future Plans and Next Steps.
  9. Appraisal Preparation.
  10. Appraisal – Agenda, Meeting Notes and Action Points
  11. Feedback and Next Steps.
  12. Future Planning / Promotion Prospects.

Our Meeting Notebooks Collection is now 25% funded. Thank you for your support do far and please continue to share and tweet our project on Kickstarter.


Filofax Friday: The Filofax Project

Philofaxy readers may have noticed the buzz about The Filofax Project that is being organised by Janet Carr of This Bug’s Life and her project Manager J of the crazy life of J. If you haven’t where have you been. 🙂

I am participating as one of the additional participants who volunteered to use their own binders to contribute to the project. The original 17 contributors are listed here. If you are in need of inspiration for your filofax and/or want to improve your time management and organisation. Be sure to check it out.

I will be contributing by doing a show and tell with my Career Project which will be taking over my A5 Finsbury.

finsbury filofax

Don’t forget to keep up to date with The Filofax Project facebook page.