#Filofax Friday: Project Plan for 2015

FF (inserts)

Kick of 2015 by writing your own Project Plan. Our A5 Project Plan Insert (and prompts) is now available as part of our Prompts for Filofaxers.

The insert has space for 12 projects – you might want to choose a project for different areas of your life or resolve to do one-per-month or you can simply list 12 projects to do over the next year (at any time).

Project Plan 2015

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10 Ways… to use the 30 Day Habit Tracker Insert


This  free insert / printable allows you to choose the habit to focus on, write down the motivation for why you have picked this habit and allows you to reward yourself at the end of the 30 days. I have also included a bubble for completion of the habit. You can either proudly declare the date, just write ‘success’ or make a note for what to try next time.

10 ways to use… a habit tracker in your Filofax

  1. the obvious one – to track a traditional daily habit: exercising, eating healthily or having breakfast. Keep one in your Fitness and Health Filofax.
  2. to use as an alternative to the daily routine checklist (or equivalent) in any Filofax.
  3. to use in your Blogging Filofax – want to use social media daily? or publish a blog post daily? Add this insert to your Blogging Filofax to help motivate your engagement.
  4. to use in your Career Filofax – are you a job seeker? maybe you want to do a daily job search? Add this insert to your Filofax to keep you on track.
  5. to use in your Reading Filofax – use this insert to work on your goal of reading a chapter a day to help you get through your reading list more efficiently.
  6. to develop a regular writing or journaling habit.
  7. to break a BAD habit  – keep one in you food diary / recipe filofax to stop you from buying takeaway or any unhealthy foods – how many days can you go without?
  8. to track a challenge you are taking part in like NaNoWriMo, April A to Z Challenge or other daily blogging challenge or Photo a Day Challenges.
  9. as end of the day ‘downtime’. If you review your day / to do list at the end of the day – incorporate your habit tracker ticking off into your routine (or use the habit tracker to start your own end of the day wind down).
  10. to track your habits to find out how often you are doing them – you may not be doing them daily or weekly, even where you have no regular routine, tracking when you do something can provide valuable information to help plan your habits, make changes to your lifestyle or simply ‘give you the heads up’.

The 30 day Habit Tracker is available to download from ‘Prompts for Filofaxers’. Email Subscribers can access this download for FREE.

Actionable Telephone Note #filofaxfriday


It has been a busy week of booking and making appointments to see wedding venues. I usually use my diary (personal calls) or my desk planner (work calls) to remind myself to call someone but this week I have found that I needed something more. I needed to remember things to ask during the call as well as remember what was confirmed in the call and what I needed do next. I needed a sensible place for all this information.

Prompted by this experience I decided to create actionable telephone notes that can be stored in your filofax to keep phone messages, reminders for calls to make and records of calls made. It is worth keeping a few blank ones in your filofax (you never know when you might need them). I have added a few to my Wedding Planner filofax and my Career filofax now.

Grab your Insert now! Don’t forget you now need to be an email subscriber to access the new inserts for FREE.

A5 Diary Inserts (Multilingual) are irritating me already… swapsy? #filofax

Multilingual Diary Inserts

As you may have noticed I have recently bought a new Bright Blue Calipso Filofax in A5, which I love. However, I didn’t like the multilingual inserts that they came with. While I appreciate that not everyone wants their inserts in english I find that the extra wording takes up page real estate. PRECIOUS page real estate (yes, even on an A5 page).

Picture 1 show the top of the week on 2 page view which has the days of the week and the month written in an additional 4 languages as well as english. I was surprised by this since I bought my planner from filofax UK. Picture 2 shows the second thing I dislike about is that the 2014 front page shows the days going downwards and the weeks going across the top (my 2013 inserts did this the other way round).

Am I being too picky? Anyone fancy a swapsy for some ordinary column format WO2P inserts for A5 before I start using them? 🙂

A to Z Dividers Index [Free Printable]

findingtime.co.uk - AtoZIndexBlog

I enjoy using the A to Z Divider Inserts from Filofax. The A5 Calipso does not come with the A to Z dividers so I have re-purposed them from my A5 Identity. I use these inserts to record information on a number of topics key to blogging such as drafts, guest posts and social media.It is my intention to use it as a combination of a filing and record-keeping system.

The pre-made blogging insert/printable (pictured – enlarge for a clearer picture) is available to download as a free pdf and can be printed and used in an A5 or A4 binder.

If you prefer to work with a blank index sheet these are also available to download.

Filofax Friday: How do you make an A5 portable?

As you may have read I have finally ventured into the world of owning an A5 Filofax. The majority of my Filofaxes (5 of them) are personal sized. Why? because I have enough room to write and I can carry them around in my large but not massive handbag.

So here is the dilemma. I am really enjoying my new A5 Filofax which I bought as a desk diary. I am still moving in and developing my colour coding but it is working well. However, as I am used to always having my Filofax in my bag – it is irritating me that it is not easy to take to work and back. I don’t need to have it on the go but it is a desk diary and part of me would like to have it on both my desks even though I don’t use it for work-related stuff. Sometimes it is nice during my lunch break or if an idea just pops into my head to be able to look at my Filofax and when I have one of those moments it irritates me that it is not there.

So the question is – how do I solve this problem? I have tried fitting my beloved Filofax into my handbag (with the amount of other stuff I have in there already) – it is not easy:


So the options that remain are:

  1. clear out the handbag
  2. carry it
  3. get a bigger handbag (and build up my muscles)
  4. persevere and try not to need it when at work (after all I don’t need it for work – and it has only been a week)
  5. move back into a personal sized Filofax (and find another use for the A5)
  6. [any other suggestions?]

Do you take your A5 with you on a regular basis and if so how do you do it?