Organisational Notebooks

What is an organisational notebook?

An organisational notebook is designed with a specific purpose in mind and created to help organise and manage your notes, time and / or information.

Whatever your job, whatever your project. Printed Portal has a range of notebooks and planners suitable for professionals, writers, bloggers, side hustlers and for individuals wanting a more organised home.

If you LOVE paper-based organisation and time management systems then there will be an organisational notebook for you.

Why do I need an organisational notebook?

Printed Portal’s notebooks are aimed at people who:

  • enjoy being organised or want to be more organised
  • who prefer using a paper-based organisational system
  • who love notebooks, pens, paper and other stationery goodies
  • who are struggling to get started with or organise a particular project.

If you struggle to find a way to organise and manage a specific task and / or project an organisational notebook may be the answer you are looking for.

Buying an organisational notebook is the first step. By taking this step you are declaring to the world that you are going to do a particular project AND commit this time.

Once started the organisational notebook will keep you on track and remind you to review your progress. It will also organise your information and keep everything in one place. Of course it can’t work miracles so you have to want to actually do the project in the first place.

Check out our project list for our current (and upcoming) range of organisational notebooks:

For the Home

For the Professionals/In the Workplace

Can’t find what you are looking for … or don’t know what you want? Don’t worry. We can help point you in the right direction just drop us an email. We also do custom organisational notebooks to suit your specific needs and can do corporate orders. Just drop us a line.



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