Christmas Countdown [Printable]

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Get in control of your christmas planning with our FREE Christmas Daily Action Plan for the month of December.


Also it is not too late to buy our full 2016 Christmas Planner….


Christmas Planner Printables – November

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Plan your November

(FREE printable Calendar)

Order your full Christmas Planner in time to plan your Christmas.

[Checklist] Back to School

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It is back to school season. for stationery addict this often means some stationery offers to take advantage of. So get shopping….

back to school checklist

The insert comes with one pre-populated sheet and two blank ones for you to write your own list.

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Need a new notebook?

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We have just launched our latest Kickstarter Campaign to bring you our latest notebook: the Career Progression Goals & Meetings Notebooks. For those of you who are professionals and wish to climb the corporate ladder or simply those of you who want to excel in your job – this notebook is designed for you.

The Career Progression Goals and Meetings Notebook is a planner that combines the strategies from our current Goal Planners and the meeting preparation techniques from the Meetings Notebook. These are functional notebooks designed to help you create and manage your career development goals action plan, track your progress and prepare and carry out the reviews in your career.

Unlike traditional goals planners it is not driven by a calendar or weekly planners. You have a set of goals for the year and an action plan. It has a monthly planner for those of you who need some structure but you are mainly driven by your own time-table (and when your employer sets your review meetings).

The Meetings Section has room for preparation and notes (in the same style as our meeting notebook) for 5 meetings as well as a larger review and planning section for your end of year appraisal or performance review meeting.

The notebook is designed:

  • to help you write a career development plan and track your progress throughout the year;
  • to keep your goals and career progression meeting notes in one easy accessible place;
  • to help you prepare for each meeting; to help you keep concise relevant notes;
  • to convert your notes into action points;
  • and to help you prepare and get through your end of year performance review / appraisal.

The layout includes:

  • your mission statement;
  • your long-term plan / career pathway;
  • your goals for the next year;
  • your competencies and objectives review and planner;
  • your monthly planner;
  • your action plan and notes for each goal;
  • your progress tracker;
  • your monthly achievements;
  • your training record;
  • your review pages ;
  • your meeting preparation and agenda pages, meeting notes; pages, and meeting follow-up pages;
  • your end of year review preparation;
  • your appraisal meeting pages;
  • your feedback review and self-review;
  • your goals and next steps for the next year.

The notebooks are available as PDFs, A5 coil bound soft cover notebooks and hard cover notebooks are US Trade Size and have a Blue Linen Hardcover.

The Pledges & Rewards

  • £5 – PDF options for Print your Own (PYO) users who want to use printable versions of the notebooks in their filofax or planners

Physical Notebook Options will include UK shipping. International shipping is priced at £5.

  • £10 – EARLY BIRD A5 soft cover Notebook
  • £13 – A5 soft cover Notebook
  • £15 – EARLY BIRD hard cover notebook
  • £18 – hard cover notebook
  • £20 – 2x A5 Soft Cover Notebook
  • £30 – 2x hard cover notebook

Thank you for your support.

2016 Resolutions

2016 resolutions

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. We are doing #filofaxfriday a few days early so you have time to plan your new year resolutions before 2016 kicks off on Friday.

Plan your resolutions. Plan your goals.

Plan your next move.

Download your insert now.

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Christmas Roundup: Filofax Printables for your Christmas Planning

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We are counting down the days to Christmas. We are all busy (and festive). But where would we all be without our Christmas Planning (and our 2015 December Monthly Planner)? So we have pulled together all our Christmas Themed Printables into one handy post.

#filofaxfriday: December 2015 Month Planner

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Plan and Schedule your Christmas

If you haven’t already started your Christmas Planning – You better get Started!  This is the the month-to-view calendar for December 2015.

The first step is ALWAYS to work out what you are already committed to in the run up to Christmas. December can quickly book up with Christmas parties and family gatherings that it doesn’t leave much room to fit everything else in. This is why this is the best place to start. I usually do this by getting out my calendar or diary and getting it up to date.

I usually have a specific MONTHLY Christmas Calendar which I add to my planner. Why not join me by using this one this month?Christmas 2015 month view

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Kickstarter Update: We reached our Goal – Thank you!

KickstarterbannerWe have officially reached (and even exceeded) our funding goal.

Thank you to all our wonderful backers for your support so far. If you haven’t shared on social, well, what are you waiting for? Here are some links you can just click to share:

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Please keep talking about this campaign through social media channels to get the word out.

Stretch Goals

For our stretch goal we hope to add another edition of the Meeting Notebook Collection into the mix and we will need to reach a stretch goal of £300 to give backers of the physical notebooks another option and £5 PDF backers will find some extra templates in their PDF bundle that I will create specially if the Stretch Goal is met (highlighted in bold in the list below).

We will be offering our Career Development Meeting Notebook as the second notebook if our strech goal of £300 is reached.

The Career Development Meetings Notebook will include:

Corporate and Business Goals Pages. Career Pathways and Notes Pages. Personal Goals Pages and Progress Tracker. Project Pages. General Feedback and Achievements Meeting Preparation. Catch Up Meetings – Agenda, Meeting Notes and Action Points Future Plans and Next Steps. Appraisal Preparation. Appraisal Feedback and Next Steps. Future Planning / Promotion Prospects.etc

Once again thank you everyone for your support and don’t forget to keep sharing and spreading the word about our Kickstarter to us help reach our Stretch Goal.

If you haven’t already backed our Kickstarter – find out more!

Now Live on Kickstarter!


We are very excited to announce that our first kickstarter has now gone LIVE and that we are now taking pledges to reach our funding goal of £1,500. Whether you are a stationery lover, a notebook addict or a planner enthusiast – we have something for you to help organise your work and personal lives. So allow me to introduce…


The collection features a wide range of meeting notebook styles (and functions) to meet your varied needs:

The Notebooks

  • 2015 Meeting Notebooks
  • Weekly Meeting Notebooks
  • Monthly Meeting Notebooks
  • Team and/or Project Meeting Notebooks
  • Committee Meeting Notebooks
  • Career Development Meeting Notebooks (for 1:1 and Appraisal Meetings)
  • Networking Meeting Notebooks

Read more here.

pledge rewards