Networkit featured in POST by post Subscription Box


The July POST by post subscription has arrived.

This week my POST by post subscription box arrived. If you haven’t come across it yet POST by post is a monthly subscription box which includes a range of postal and stationery goodies
greeting cards, postcards & other stationery goodies of £19.99 a month including postage and delivery.

This month the subscription box included our Networkit Large Sticker Set (RRP £30) so that automatically makes it worth grabbing (although we have to admit we are biased).


The box also featured a selection of greeting cards and postcards.

If you are interested in signing up for a POST by post subscription (starting with the August box) – sign up here. Also some extra Networkit sticker packs are available in their shop.


Back to School Stash: friXion from Pilot

Frixion PensI have got to say that so far I have been disappointed by the ‘back-to-school’ sales and offers. I did indulge in some BOGOF offers in WH Smith on Pilot FriXion Pens.

This also included the FriXion highlighters. I had not used the highlighters before and was amazed at how well the worked and how cleanly they erased. The only downside is that you can’t highlight a normal friXion pen and then erase just the highlighting as it will still erase the normal writing as well.

Pilot have also recently brought out narrow needle nibbed Frixion pens (0.5mm) which I had not used before. These are fantastically neat and smooth to write with and will be a firm favourite going forward.

Looking forward to putting them to proper use 🙂


Mid Year Stationery Limbo

I hate “stationery limbo” and can’t wait until the month of July when I can use all my mid-year stationery including… my Flamingo Filofax, my Turntable Moleskine (in yellow) and mid-year mini monthly stickers – all of which start in July.


I usually work January – December, but sometimes during the year I like to swap and change to use different diaries, planners and stationery items.

If you are a stationery addict there is something tempting about a fresh clean diary (one of the reasons why filofax is so great you can swap and change at any time).

This year, Printed Portal have also added a 6 month planner  (July – Dec 2013) to their range of organisational notebooks. I hope to use this in conjunction with my Writing Filofax as it slips into the front pocket of my A5 Finsbury.


Roll on JULY!! I can barely contain my excitement 🙂

6mo filofax

Filofax Friday: Which Pens should I use with my Filofax?

I am having a hard time making a choice regarding the right pen to carry with my A5 Filofax. I have two pen loops and I feel like I have been constantly swapping pens unable to settle.

I started by carrying my favourite slimline biro style pen in black which I ended up running done (although to be honest I was getting bored with writing with a Black pen all the time). I then changed to using my Pilot Frixon ball pen in PURPLE and a lead pencil. These worked for a bit but the pencil wasn’t vibrant enough and just got lost on the page and my Frixion ball has gone all “scratchy” (very disappointed) so it was back to my colourful stabilo pens. 

purple pen

Then I remembered why I wasn’t using my favoured stabilo pens in the first place. Not all of the paper in my Filofax is Stabilo pen friendly. I am using the original Wo2P diary and the writing shows through in the diary pages. So this week I have changed to carrying the Staedtler ball point pens in PINK and AQUA Blue.  Although this is completely messing with my original colour coding it is putting a smile on my face. If I am genuinely going to stick to 2 pens for all my Filofax needs (at least for when on the move) what pens should I be using?



What two pens would you choose? I am happy to take suggestions.

Paperblanks Journal

This is the new notebook I got for Christmas. I did my thank you notes and said I would use this notebook as a journal.

This week I actually started using it.


Some of you will immediately recognise that it is a paperblanks notebook. It is a Tiffany Autumn Vine Notebook, part of the Tiffany leaded glass collection and I love it.

Paperblanks notebooks have never really appealed to me – a lot of their designs I don’t really like – but amazingly I love this design (and what is even more surprising is that I got it as a gift and wasn’t consulted on the purchase).

Do you regularly journal?

I used to write and read in the hours leading up to bed without fail when I was a student. Last night I settled down to write with an already sore arm, hunger pangs and by half nine had written nothing and had fallen asleep.

So “journal” continues so be on my daily goal/habit list.

Getting into the habit

Finding a routine for both journaling and blogging has been hard. The “way of life” app (which I mentioned in my previous post about tracking New Years resolutions and habits) has provided me with reminders at 9pm asking if I want to write in my journal. I hate the look and feel of this app and I am not using it for my tracking app, however that little reminder does put “oh might write in my journal tonight”.

Sometimes it works.

Unfortunately with such a busy schedule at the moment I can only do one of the following goals (not all 3) on a daily basis… Read, Journal or Blog??

Which would you choose?

Paperways Notebook

I keep a cute little saddle-bound notebook tucked into the front cover of my Cross Filofax. My Cross Filofax is all about this blog. I like to sketch ideas etc and this A6 grid notebook from paperways is perfect for this.

I purchased it from the collection available at Foyles. They have a large collection of notebooks for under £3 available in different grid and lined formats (perfect for sketching ideas). I only had enough change for one notebook – but I think next time I will be back for the honeycomb grid version.

This is the final part of my Cross Filofax Set-up.

Pre-Punched Inserts: Reinforcement Rings

I wrote last week about purchasing stationery and my debate over which Filofax to purchase in the sales.

I ended up buying some reinforcement ring from Staples as pictured below. These are pre-punched for a 2 ring (or 4 ring) binder.

I ended up punching these with extra holes and slipping them into the back of my Cross Filofax. As you can see these are roughly the same size as the personal pages (width wise) so fit in nicely.

My other purchases were a brand new Filofax (taking advantage of the half price sale in WH Smith), new frixion pen for the new filofax and a cute little A6 notebook from Foyles, but more details on those later…

Buyer Beware… taking advantage of the sales

In the end I didn’t buy any more stationery today as I didn’t have time for my planned shopping trip, instead I got told that Comet were having a clearance sale and whisked off to it instead.

The offers were limited to 10% off on the items I was actually considering getting other than a few accessories at 15% off but a quick Google search showed that Staples were offering the items at a cheaper price. It is so hard to tell whether you are actually getting a good deal in the first place these days.

I had the same issue earlier this week when I have been debating over a new personal Filofax purchase…

A Slimline Cuban in Saddle Brown at £28 or a Chameleon in Black at £25?

Last chance to buy is now Sunday… will have to make a decision soon.

Tabs and Dividers: Progressing with my Filofax setup

It is official. There are no best dividers or tabs.

But is important to pick those that best suit your needs.

I am still only half-way through my blog Filofax setup.  It is already packed full of pages and I am intending to file a lot of those pages, but currently my filing is packed away in storage and I am reluctant to remove pages at this stage in case they get misplaced. (oh, to have a house to call my own *sigh*)

During my last shopping trip I decided on some Post-It Index / Durable filing tabs (pictured above) and some Avery/Martha Stewart NoteTabs from Staples (I have not yet broken the these out of the wrapping yet – so maybe not even half way through yet).

At the moment I have just used plain card (recycled dividers) for the body of the dividers, but I want to make this more creative and pretty. I did indulge in buying a couple of postcards from Paperchase when I was last in with the intention of using them as dividers, but I have been feeling creative lately and I am tempted to draw my own (time-permitting).

I am looking for inspiration from the philofaxy community on this one, as I am much more used to using my Filofax as a functional piece rather than as pure eye candy.