A Guide to our Meeting Notebook [CPG&M]

Goals Planner 2016 __(1)

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The second half of the notebook is made up of a meeting notebook (similar to our original meetings notebook) and includes:

Meeting Schedule


You should try and have a number of meetings about your career throughout the year. The Meeting Schedule allows you to write in your proposed meetings and plan your formal and informal meetings.

Meeting Notes


For each meeting in your schedule there are a set of meeting pages including meeting preparation and agenda pages, meeting notes pages and meeting follow-up pages (there is room for 5 meetings excluding your formal review/appraisal meeting).


You can use these as little or as much as you need and how you can use these pages will be up to you.

Formal appraisal / Review 


This section is a bit chunkier and includes a few extra pages, but follows the same style as the regular meeting pages.

  • Appraisal Preparation – Appraisal Timetable and Notes on the Appraisal Process – to help you get your head around of what your company requires of you – and a reminder of targets.
  • Review of Goals & Objectives – At the beginning of the year you should have set goals with your boss and you will now want see where you have got to. 
  • Review of Personal Goals – The apprisal time is also a great time to review your own personal career progression goals.
  • Self Review – This is a notes section for some freehand writing for your own self-review.
  • Feedback and Accomplishments – part of your review should be about what you have done well! This notebook allows you to list feedback you have received and achievements (you may even want to keep this update throughout the year).
  • Meeting Preparation Notes
  • Areas for development / ideas for future development – you should always have thought about this before going into your meeting – as this is your opportunity to acknowledge where you need help and ask for it!
  • Agenda/Things I want to talk about
  • Notes
  • Action Points and Follow up.
  • Feedback Notes & Objectives – In addition to the regular notes and follow-up pages there are extra pages for Feedback notes to allow you to specifically think about the feedback you received in your meeting both generally and in relation to your set objectives.
  • Goals for next year – and we round off this section with goals for next year.

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