A guide to our Goals Planner [CPG&M]

Goals Planner 2016 __(1)

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The key difference between this notebook and our regular goals planner is that it is not a pocket notebook. This notebook is designed to be your career progression companion for the year with a focus on goals & objective planning with a view to helping you to take control of your own career and keep focused throughout the year (not just during appraisal season).

This is why we are taking about goals first (with the meetings and appraisals) to come later.

As with our pocket goals planner we kick off with the biggies. Your mission statement and your goals for the year.

Goals Planner 2016 __(1)

We have also included an  extra “My Career Pathway” for you to draw out your career path of your dreams (just don’t expect it to always go in a straight line), a Monthly Planner (with notes) and pages for you to review and understand your companies competencies and objectives that you may need to take into consideration if you are looking for a promotion.

The Goals Planner Section then takes on a similar format to the pocket planner with objectives, steps/to do list and a progress tracker but with the added notes pages for more freehand analysis of each individual goal.

Finally the section linking your goals with your career progression and appraisals includes added reviews in addition to the tracker, including monthly achievements and feedback and a training record.

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The notebook is available in A5, US trade or download and  print your own for your planner.


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