Need a new notebook?

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We have just launched our latest Kickstarter Campaign to bring you our latest notebook: the Career Progression Goals & Meetings Notebooks. For those of you who are professionals and wish to climb the corporate ladder or simply those of you who want to excel in your job – this notebook is designed for you.

The Career Progression Goals and Meetings Notebook is a planner that combines the strategies from our current Goal Planners and the meeting preparation techniques from the Meetings Notebook. These are functional notebooks designed to help you create and manage your career development goals action plan, track your progress and prepare and carry out the reviews in your career.

Unlike traditional goals planners it is not driven by a calendar or weekly planners. You have a set of goals for the year and an action plan. It has a monthly planner for those of you who need some structure but you are mainly driven by your own time-table (and when your employer sets your review meetings).

The Meetings Section has room for preparation and notes (in the same style as our meeting notebook) for 5 meetings as well as a larger review and planning section for your end of year appraisal or performance review meeting.

The notebook is designed:

  • to help you write a career development plan and track your progress throughout the year;
  • to keep your goals and career progression meeting notes in one easy accessible place;
  • to help you prepare for each meeting; to help you keep concise relevant notes;
  • to convert your notes into action points;
  • and to help you prepare and get through your end of year performance review / appraisal.

The layout includes:

  • your mission statement;
  • your long-term plan / career pathway;
  • your goals for the next year;
  • your competencies and objectives review and planner;
  • your monthly planner;
  • your action plan and notes for each goal;
  • your progress tracker;
  • your monthly achievements;
  • your training record;
  • your review pages ;
  • your meeting preparation and agenda pages, meeting notes; pages, and meeting follow-up pages;
  • your end of year review preparation;
  • your appraisal meeting pages;
  • your feedback review and self-review;
  • your goals and next steps for the next year.

The notebooks are available as PDFs, A5 coil bound soft cover notebooks and hard cover notebooks are US Trade Size and have a Blue Linen Hardcover.

The Pledges & Rewards

  • £5 – PDF options for Print your Own (PYO) users who want to use printable versions of the notebooks in their filofax or planners

Physical Notebook Options will include UK shipping. International shipping is priced at £5.

  • £10 – EARLY BIRD A5 soft cover Notebook
  • £13 – A5 soft cover Notebook
  • £15 – EARLY BIRD hard cover notebook
  • £18 – hard cover notebook
  • £20 – 2x A5 Soft Cover Notebook
  • £30 – 2x hard cover notebook

Thank you for your support.


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