Kickstarter Update: We reached our Goal – Thank you!

KickstarterbannerWe have officially reached (and even exceeded) our funding goal.

Thank you to all our wonderful backers for your support so far. If you haven’t shared on social, well, what are you waiting for? Here are some links you can just click to share:

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Please keep talking about this campaign through social media channels to get the word out.

Stretch Goals

For our stretch goal we hope to add another edition of the Meeting Notebook Collection into the mix and we will need to reach a stretch goal of £300 to give backers of the physical notebooks another option and £5 PDF backers will find some extra templates in their PDF bundle that I will create specially if the Stretch Goal is met (highlighted in bold in the list below).

We will be offering our Career Development Meeting Notebook as the second notebook if our strech goal of £300 is reached.

The Career Development Meetings Notebook will include:

Corporate and Business Goals Pages. Career Pathways and Notes Pages. Personal Goals Pages and Progress Tracker. Project Pages. General Feedback and Achievements Meeting Preparation. Catch Up Meetings – Agenda, Meeting Notes and Action Points Future Plans and Next Steps. Appraisal Preparation. Appraisal Feedback and Next Steps. Future Planning / Promotion Prospects.etc

Once again thank you everyone for your support and don’t forget to keep sharing and spreading the word about our Kickstarter to us help reach our Stretch Goal.

If you haven’t already backed our Kickstarter – find out more!


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