Using the Meetings Notebook in Conference Calls

As well as face to face meetings you may have a lot of conference calls to attend.


Use a Meeting Notebook to…

1. Help you answer questions

As an attendee you are often called upon and put on the spot. With many voices it can be quite a task to manage the information received during the conference calls let alone trying to focus and pull together the information in the moment as you prepare your responses. In a face to face meeting people can visually see that you are mentally preparing a response. This is not the case in a conference call – your response time has just been cut short. By using a notebook you can record the information as the call progresses and can refer to this information to formulate any answers to questions asked.

If you use a meetings notebook you can also keep to hand any important information that you think you might need.

2. To help you remember what happened in the meeting

Conference calls can be very fast paced and everyone can be distractedT.herefore note-taking can help. Depending on the pupose of the meeting you might also want to record who is saying what and what you said, together with any decision made and any action points.

3. To help you focus

I find that taking notes note in a meeting – helps me focus in a meeting. Conference calls can be full of distractions that you don’t find in face to face meetings. Notetaking can make you focus specifically on what is being discussed.

4. Organise your notes

I find in conference calls the meeting is more likely to go off topic, jump around and change between topics (even when there is an agenda). With a meeting notebook you can create lists for certain subjects.

The notebook can of course be used in this way for all types of meetings but I find it particularly useful in conference call  meetings for these reasons.


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