#finishtheunfinished Challenge

Join us for the #finishtheunfinshed challenge.

If you are anything like my your filofax is FULL of ideas, projects and an endless to-do list. So why not set aside some time to participate in the #finishtheunfinished challenge.

The end of the year is fast approaching. I don’t know about you, but I like to tie things up before the year-end so that I can start the new year with some fresh ideas. There is genuinely no better time to start thinking about those unfinished projects you have lying around and dedicating some time to working out HOW you are going to complete them.

Finish the Unfinished is about challenging yourself to get things done before starting something new.  It is about making decisions, being proactive and getting your head down. The year is not over yet, let’s make the most of it and finish the unfinished.

We all get started by writing a project list.

For those of you interested in participating in the challenge I have designed a simple printable for filofax users to use to write their project list:

Finishtheunfinished Insert


This insert is available as part of the Prompts for Filofaxers Subscription.

Insert Downloads & Printables will only be available with a Prompts for Filofaxers Subscription. You can get yours for FREE by becoming a mailing list subscriber – don’t miss out – subscribe now.


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