Filofax Friday: After Work To Do List

After work to do list (pocket)

Recently I have started reusing my Flamingo Pocket Filofax.

I have started walking to work so it is just no longer practical to use my A5 Filofax everyday, therefore I have been trying to ‘downsize’. One of the biggest challenges is that I cannot fit everything I want to do into WO2P insert therefore I have created a new ‘After Work’ insert. The insert is designed so that most important tasks should got at the top but really they can be used in any manner.

I keep this insert at the front of my filofax for easy access and simply add what I need to do that evening throughout the day and revise  just as I head home.

This insert is available as part of the Prompts for Filofaxers Subscription.

Insert Downloads & Printables will only be available with a Prompts for Filofaxers Subscription. You can get yours for FREE by becoming a mailing list subscriber – don’t miss out – subscribe now.


One thought on “Filofax Friday: After Work To Do List

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