Actionable Telephone Note #filofaxfriday

It has been a busy week of booking and making appointments to see wedding venues. I usually use my diary (personal calls) or my desk planner (work calls) to remind myself to call someone but this week I have found that I needed something more. I needed to remember things to ask during the call as well as remember what was confirmed in the call and what I needed do next. I needed a sensible place for all this information.

Prompted by this experience I decided to create actionable telephone notes that can be stored in your filofax to keep phone messages, reminders for calls to make and records of calls made. It is worth keeping a few blank ones in your filofax (you never know when you might need them). I have added a few to my Wedding Planner filofax and my Career filofax now.

Grab your Insert now! Don’t forget you now need to be an email subscriber to access the new inserts for FREE.


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