Filofax Friday: 30 Day Habit Tracker

This month I have been thinking about goals and resolutions and this includes – starting good habits (and getting rid of bad ones). Last year I started by using an app and then another app and then another one and none of them really seemed to work and I ended up resorting to a habit tracker in a similar style to my daily routine checklist for making sure I do something on a daily basis.I usually use it with my filofax open when I am in front of the computer or having my morning coffee and simply carry out the action and check it off.

However, this is not the same as picking a habit, and developing that habit over a period of 30 days. This week’s free insert / printable allows you to choose the habit to focus on, write down the motivation for why you have picked this habit and allows you to reward yourself at the end of the challenge. I have also included a bubble for completion of the habit. You can either proudly declare the date, just write ‘success’ or make a note for what to try next time.

Free Download: 30 Day Habit Tracker.


One thought on “Filofax Friday: 30 Day Habit Tracker

  1. Thank you for sharing, This insert makes me really want start new habits. Really nice layout.

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