Weekend Project: Sorting out your Digital Files

It is the beginning of the New Year and the perfect time to get organised. The perfect project for a stormy wet weekend is to start by spending some time organising your files so that you can find things efficiently.

Start by re-structuring your filing system so that the IMPORTANT and regularly used things are easy to find and are easily accessible.

You should try and cap the number of folders that you have so that documents are easy to find. You can of course use sub-folders as well. You should use a filing system that suits your personal needs but I recommend that you try and cap folders at 10 (and each set of sub-folders at 10) so that you know exactly where you should be filing something and you don’t end up with duplicate content and folders.

All your folders should also have logical and obvious names so you know exactly what should be filed in each and you know exactly where things are when you come to look for them again.

When doing this exercise you should try and avoid the time-wasting activity of opening and looking at the documents (you need to be focussed on the task at hand). Therefore any miscellaneous items should be filed temporarily to revisit at a later time.


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