Prompts for Filofaxers: Setting my 2014 Blogging Goals


I kicked off 2014 in my Blogging Planner by printing off the “2014 is going to be different” goals insert which is available as a free download from as part of the new Prompts for Filofaxers Freebie Series on Fridays. The insert has space for 12 goals – you can treat this as a one-per-month (which is what I did for my Career Goals) or you can simply list 12 goals to do over the next year. I started with BLOG DAILY. Yes, this is my new endeavour.

I also included some month specific goals such as the NaBloPoMo, the A to Z Challenge 2014 (which take place in April), NaNoWriMo (for November). I also wanted to include some rewards as goals such as going on holiday (as I never seem to take a holiday) and some new projects such as planning my wedding (you can find my new wedding planner blog here).

Goals and Stickers

Finally, this insert was also the perfect excuse to use some more of my organiser stickers from Filofax and just add some extra fun to the page.


One thought on “Prompts for Filofaxers: Setting my 2014 Blogging Goals

  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing the links. I’m new to filofaxing and I am enjoying finding inspiration!

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