Plan and Track your Gift Shopping

We are now in December. November was spent generating gift ideas, deciding on a budget and preparing the christmas cards now it is time to organise, buy and wrap the presents.

1. Making a Choice

First task is finalising the list of presents that you need to buy and ensuring that they are within budget and noting whether any stocking fillers, extra chocolates or other mini gifts are required.

I hate queues and getting stuck in shops I minimise frustrations by finalising what I am getting everyone and establishing where I am going to buy their presents.

2. Order Gifts Online

It is possible to minimise frustrations even further by ordering presents online. Just make sure you check the shipping costs and last order dates for guaranteed christmas delivery etc.

I use a grid in my planner to track my presents – this includes the ones I order online.

Filofax Users may also want to use my Online Shopping Schedule which I wrote about earlier this year and can be downloaded for free as a personal sized insert.

3. Make a Battle Plan

Sometime these are just those items that you need to get in-store or view before you buy. For those items I write a Battle Plan.

However you decide to approach it just make sure you write your shopping list by store (and if you are really organised you can even write the stores in order) to prevent doubling back on yourself or having to revisit (and requeue).

Don’t forget:

  • Where possible try and get as many items as you can in one store to save on queuing time (Yay for department stores).
  • Where possible use an out-of-town shopping centre where you get free parking and everything (well as many stores as possible) in close proximity. 
  • Shop local and support local businesses and benefit by getting more unique items – don’t forget to visit local christmas markets, craft fairs and boutiques for more unique gifts.

Happy Shopping!


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