Plan Your Christmas Party

There are 3 key types of Christmas Parties that you should be prepared for:

  1. The Work Do (or your other half’s Work Do);
  2. The Christmas Party with friends and family where you are hosting; and
  3. The Christmas Party with friends and family.

Whatever type of parties your calendar is filled with this year – plan ahead. Christmas is stressful enough as it is without the added hassle of Christmas party prep. The 2013 Christmas Planner from Printed Portal includes two party planners – one to use when you are hosting and one to use when you are attending as a guest.

Party Planning as Host

Start smart – Start with a budget and a guest list. Christmas can be a busy time filled with Christmas parties and unless your party is a long standing tradition it is important to get those invites out early to avoid calendar clashes and so guests can plan accordingly. Your budget will vary based on the number of attendees, however, you can easily keep track of both in your planner.

Once you have a set guest list and a budget you will need to plan the actual party. The two key items on the agenda are menu and entertainment (which of course form part of your budget). There should not be much in the way extra decor planning nor festive treats (as these should all be organised already). Make the list now when planning your party and simple schedule a shopping trip or delivery in your Christmas planner. If you are anything like me and are not a fan of self prep – use a service like Cook which sells and delivers homemade Christmas food, frozen and ready to cook. 

Simple. Sorted.

Party Planning as Guest

So what if you are attending a party as a guest. You might not think that there is much involved in being a guest, nevertheless our planner includes a handy checklist for your parties.

Additionally, the key thing to remember where you are attending a party as a guest is to have a gift for the host/hostess. I usually stock up on a few extra bottles of nice wine with gift bags for this purpose or take some homemade mince pies.

Whatever you choose to do make sure you have a plan and buy the gifts in advance and ready to go when you do your usual gift buying and wrapping routine.

Simple. Another party sorted.






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