Christmas Countdown: Write your Christmas Card List

When I was younger a great family activity was writing the Christmas cards. My mother would be in charge of writing the christmas card list which would be a combination of her address book and her shopping list notebook which she always had in her handbag and would frequently jot down a quick note everytime a name popped into her head (or as quite often the case she bumped into them in one of the local shops).

These days we are send less cards. My mother continues to send cards to family friends from the family unit and I just send cards to my friends and colleagues. I send less cards as most of my friends and colleagues still rent and don’t yet have their own place and their addresses are changing constantly. It is usually just easier to pass out a few cards to those I see on a regular basis.

As always there is also the issue of whether it is appropriate to send workplace cards.

I start my list by listing everyone I would want to send a card to (and everyone I will expect a card from). I usually work through my lists in categories – family, close friends, other friends and colleagues. Once I have my initial list I also review my list from last year to see if there is anyone I have missed out.

Then I gather in the addresses – or note which cards I can hand deliver. Where I can I also take the opportunity to review whether the address remains the same.

When it comes to actually writing the cards I usually set aside two hours to blast through them all in one sitting and make a note of last posting dates (particularly for international mail).



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