Back to School Stash: friXion from Pilot

Frixion PensI have got to say that so far I have been disappointed by the ‘back-to-school’ sales and offers. I did indulge in some BOGOF offers in WH Smith on Pilot FriXion Pens.

This also included the FriXion highlighters. I had not used the highlighters before and was amazed at how well the worked and how cleanly they erased. The only downside is that you can’t highlight a normal friXion pen and then erase just the highlighting as it will still erase the normal writing as well.

Pilot have also recently brought out narrow needle nibbed Frixion pens (0.5mm) which I had not used before. These are fantastically neat and smooth to write with and will be a firm favourite going forward.

Looking forward to putting them to proper use 🙂



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