Q4 Weekly Planner [Free Download]


The start of the fourth and final quarter of the year is fast approaching. It has all come around so quickly… how on earth did that happen? I have been thinking about this year, what I have achieved and what I want to do before the end of 2013. The question is… will I fit it all in?

I have things I want to achieve at work, with my writing, my blog, my artwork, DIY at home etc and the question is still… Will I have time??

So I decided to do a week planner for the final quarter of the year which includes week number, date and the to do item or target for each week (and a few extra weeks). So far it is working well and I am actually a week ahead. (Don’t you just love fresh motivation). I have made two inserts available for download and you can use multiple plans for different areas of your life if you so wish.

Q4 Weekly Planner

Free Downloads: Q4 Weekly Planner (Personal Filofax) and Q4 Weekly Planner (A5 Filofax).

2 thoughts on “Q4 Weekly Planner [Free Download]

  1. This is a terrific idea.

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