Filofax Friday: Filofax as a notebook (and notebook holder)

I LOVE notebooks. I have a huge collection of various brands and when I don’t have a notebook for the required purpose – I make my own (which is how Printed Portal started). I normally carry a ridiculous amount of notebooks and Filofaxes in my bag.


This week I am on holiday enjoying some quiet time in a quiet cottage in Scotland. It is not creative or writing retreat holiday (although this would be the perfect place to get some writing and/or painting in) instead I have been using it as a base for visiting friends and family.


When preparing for going on holiday I didn’t want to unnecessarily burden myself with a whole pile of notebooks. So I limited myself to an A5 Filofax (which acted as a notebook for this trip) and 3 small carefully chosen notebooks. I didn’t even bother with my journal.

To turn the Filofax into a notebook I gave it a quick diet:

  • Diary pages limited to a month view for August/September and a vertical WO2P diary for August / September;
  • A-Z dividers for sorting the pages I wrote on into categories;
  • Assortment of blank rough paper punched and inserted behind the a-z dividers
  • Extra Refill Pad at the back.

Any non-essentials were removed.

In the front pocket I usually keep two notebooks and an assortment of stickers and other bits and bobs. For the trip I swapped out the stickers and inserted a third notebook (my daily routine notebook). This is a nearly 200 page notebook and quite thick and is not one that I keep permanently in my Filofax. But as can be seen from the pictures above because I had given my Filofax a quick diet it didn’t bulge too much and was perfect for this trip.


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