Filofax Friday: My New A5 Filofax

I bought my first A5 Filofax a few months ago (a black A5 Identity) . I love it and use it as my blog planner/all my online stuff and use it in conjunction with my daily planning notebook.

My Personal sized Cross Filofax (my previous Blogging Filofax) has been replaced (although I do hope to repurpose this Filofax soon).

My next project is working on my writing. My proper writing not just my blogging. Next month I want to focus on my writing and my new A5 Finsbury in Pink is going to help me do this and is now my Writing Filofax.


I am currently trying to resist the urge to go ‘girly’ and simply ‘pink it up’ completely, but I am finding the black and pink pens working well for now.

I am still in the process of playing  around with setups and will blog more on that when I am up and running. For now I just have my weekly plan / to do list on my week on two pages (column format) which was supplied with the Filofax, a year planner and pages for writing.

4 thoughts on “Filofax Friday: My New A5 Filofax

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  2. I recently jumped ship to Franklin Covey, but have used both that and an A5 Cuban for writing. I jot down story ideas, track sales, keep publishing info, etc.

    How will you use yours to help with writing? And what do you write?

    • I hope to have a small diary section (only 1 month in advance) of to-do and goals, then a lot of fun paper and rough paper for a mix of brainstorming, ideas generation and writing.

      I do writing mainly for the enjoyment of it and write a mixture of fictional short stories which I use as a creative output more than anything and some non-fiction.

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