Review of my Daily Routine: preparations for July


I wrote previously about changes I made for my June Daily Routine planner earlier this month.

Today I have been making changes once again in preparation for the month of July.

My June Daily Routine Notebook included the following sections:

  • monthly planner
  • goals
  • blog posts
  • daily checklist
  • master to-do list and
  • end of month review.

Monthly Plan

In June I just used the month grid and then realised it was getting complex as I wasn’t accounting for things I wanted to do on a particular day, instead I was writing in the deadline for that particular day.

So I decided to expand the list view to a week per page view to allow for two columns – in the first I will be writing what I want to write on that particular day, for example if I know I am busy on X evening but want to schedule the regular post for that day in advance I will write this in the first column as this is the ‘what I am writing’ column however the same item will also appear in the second column, but on the ‘deadline’ date (for when I submit or post etc). This will include everything from blog posts to articles to my personal writing targets.

Blog Posts

Once again I have completely changed this set up. Last month I added in extra pages per draft, but found that not all the extra pages were used. I also lacked plain paper for sketching. So this month I have included more plain paper for sketches and an extra to-do list per blog post as this will draw attention to the extra things that I need such as flashfreebies,  inserts, worksheets, photographs etc.

Daily Checklists

These have worked well this past month and as my personal goals have remained largely the same this list remains the same although the order of items on the checklist will shift slightly to reflect a change in my priorities from blogging to writing.

Somethings are still not getting done or have not developed into habits and will remain on the list until they do so.

Everything else…

I have not used the to-do list much this month. Partly because I was focussing on catching up with the huge to-do list from May. Hopefully July will work better as I have kept on top of my June to-do list. I have not made any changes for the July Notebook.


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