Monthly Planner: Redesign

In yesterday’s post I blogged about reviewing and adjusting my daily planner for this month. When redesigning my monthly planner I realised that I didn’t need two monthly overviews (list overview and a grid overview). So I have merged the two. Unfortunately I felt it was still too tight to use effectively in the pocket and personal sized pages and decided to only go ahead with an A5 design.

I have now got a sort of Combi Calendar as an A5 Insert for my Blogging Filofax.

June 2013 Monthly

The grid allows you to plan and schedule your posts by looking at an overview of the month and looking for gaps etc.

I use the four tiny boxes  to tick off the following stages:

  • Draft,
  • Schedule,
  • Post and
  • Promote

but you can assign your own meanings to these if you wish.

You may already use a grid planner to plan you blog posts but if you want to try this one out grab it for free here.


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