Review of my Daily Routine: Preparations for June


In an attempt to (1) free up some space in my handbag and (2) get over the loss of the structure of the A to Z Challenge in April I decided to use a daily routine notebook for the month of May to boost my daily default schedule and create something to resemble something more like my A to Z Daily Routine.

My May Daily Routine Notebook included the following sections:

  • monthly planner
  • goals
  • blog posts
  • daily checklist
  • master to-do list and
  • end of month review.

monthly planner

I had two different monthly planners in my notebook as I had both a list view and a grid view which I used for different purposes. Upon review (for creating my June Daily Planner) I pondered whether it was really necessary to have both and realised that I needed a solution to combine the two.


I keep a short [blogging] goals list on a single page on my notebook – these are my goals for the month. I have reviewed my May goals and rewritten similar goals for the month of June.

 Blog posts

I was over optimistic about how many blog posts I could do – initially I wanted to keep up the momentum of the A to Z challenge but this did not happen. Additionally I decided to redesign my blog post inserts again and this redesign has been included in my June daily routine planner and so far it has been working well.

Daily Checklist

I did not always use or check my ‘daily checklist’ but on the days that I did I was very productive. I was happy with the list and it has remained largely the same for the month of June although I have added in the day of the week as well as the date. As my overall goals are largely the same there was no need to change the content of the checklists.

Master To Do List

The daily routine notebook also included a master to do list. This is a list of my someday items /no specific due date items split into categories. I try to complete at least one item a day.

The problem is the list just keeps growing and with multiple categories it can be hard to prioritize. So this month I have been thinking about how to solve this problem without adding due dates or deadlines as this defeats the purpose of my master list. So this month I’m going to trial a colour coding solution and report back.

End of Month Review

I was a bit late getting to the end of the month review, but I met a lot of goals and feel like May was successful. Now all I can hope for is a successful and productive June.


4 thoughts on “Review of my Daily Routine: Preparations for June

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  2. For your monthly goals make a category for the focus of the week (example: first week of month is office) or by day ( example: on Mondays I pick an item from my office list)

  3. Sounds like a great system.

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