S is for… Shopping Review


Following on from yesterday’s recipe and menu planner the second part is the Shopping Review insert which can be used in conjunction with the recipe and menu planner or as a standalone insert to help you analyse your weekly shop.

insert S

The idea is that you take each meal of the week and note whether you liked it/would eat it again and cost the price of the meal (this can be cost per portion, or cost for ingredients and you can choose whether or not to include your store cupboard ingredients. Just make sure you use the same method each time to they are comparable).

If I liked a meal and thought it was good value for money it the recipe will be recycled into my menu planner recipes otherwise it will be tried, tested and failed (I get a lot of these).

Once you build up a bank of these reviews is it also interesting to note how often you cook your favourites, how often you try a new recipe and whether there are meals that you remove from the list because they are not good value for money (but taste delicious).

Do you review your weekly shop? Is it to assist with your menu planning or is it simply a budgeting exercise?

Download: Shopping Review Insert

One thought on “S is for… Shopping Review

  1. you have so many great organizational tips! and i love forms & lists! i put my weekly menu up for my boys, but i am not detailed enough for reviews & cost. we also keep dinner simple for the most part, since our 3 boys & my hub have such crazy schedules…

    happy a to z!

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