Filofax Friday: a mini schedule

My latest addition to my Filofax is my mini Daily Schedule Checklist.



Ages ago I plotted and planned a daily schedule aimed at maximised my commute which I considered “dead time”. I designed this and kept it at the front of the notebook I wrote in during my commute. I had the same schedule every day as my commute was a regular train journey – same time every day (or at least 40 minute journey everyday). I would use the schedule as a reference as to what I SHOULD be doing with that time (of course this didn’t always work as you can’t plan for everything, sometimes you are too tired or not in the mood so I would have days off).

Since then my schedule changed, I moved jobs, moved house 3 times, started commuting by car rather than train, then started car sharing which altered my timetable again. I tried for ages to work with a daily (and quite rigid) schedule before realising that it just was not working anymore.

what now?

This month I have started to migrate my schedule into my filofax (rather than a notebook – I gave in and started carrying around my A5). At the moment it is hand-drawn, but I may convert it into a mini insert when I have time. At the moment my schedule is based around the A to Z Challenge and looks like this:


I anticipate that it will change dramatically again in May. The great thing about hand-drawing it out each week it really makes me think about what I want to achieve and rejigging priorities.

This makes it much more useful and useable.

2 thoughts on “Filofax Friday: a mini schedule

  1. That’s very interesting. I may have to incorporate something like that into my planner.

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