N is for… Networking


If you are a professional, networking is a vital part of your routine. At the beginning of the year I decided to focus my networking plan for 2013. I now plan in advance for events, have goals for events and review and evaluate the events to consider whether they are worth going to again. This key information of course needs to go into my Filofax.

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Keeping key information about events you attend regularly doesn’t just have to apply to networking events. It can record the information so you don’t have to write it out numerous times, it can help you decided whether it is a good use of your time and it can help you make a more productive use of your time.

Think about events that you go to (voluntarily) – how do you manage, review and evaluate them?

Download: Networking Event

One thought on “N is for… Networking

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog for the A to Z challenge. Networking is part of the reason why I am doing the challenge! Glad to have found you site

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