M is for… Monthly Refresh, Review & Renew


At the end of the month I like to do a refresh and renew. How about you?

What you do as part of your routine will depend on what you do day-to-day – but I like to review my progress at work, with my house, my blog and my writing. Sometimes I incorporate this into my journalling routine, other times I incorporate it into my To-Do list routine and it will look something like this:

Insert M

I start off by reviewing last month’s to do list as I have a monthly to-do list as well as a daily one. In my Filofax I keep my monthly to do list on my Diary Summary Inserts, although I usually also list them in my monthly planner. My first step is always to review this list. The ones I have done I check off or strike through. The ones that remain I transfer onto next month’s to do list.

The second step is to review my goals and achievements. Whether you do this in the form of a goals journal, daily achievements or by celebrating the small things the monthly review is your time to review and consider whether you are approaching it in the correct way and of course write out what you want to do next month.

The third step I do is my blog review and plan for the upcoming month. I have a monthly moleskine planner which keeps my blog information and this review is usually just a case of taking a look at this.

All in all my review usually takes a maximum of half an hour, but normally I can speed through more efficiently than that – particularly with the help of the checklist which means I don’t get side tracked.

How often do you review? and do you have a routine?

Download: Monthly Refresh and Renew

6 thoughts on “M is for… Monthly Refresh, Review & Renew

  1. Certainly some great advice here…. I will certainly be exploring more and learning from all of your organisational skills. 🙂

  2. I plan time at work for regular reviews, and I make a to-do list each weekend to get through the chores but I tend not to be nearly so organized at home. Some structure is good, so is some freedom 🙂

  3. Because I work from home and have a few different projects and goals, I do a weekly review – but mostly in my head. I also do a monthly review and then look at that against my goals for the year. This is the first year that I’m using a Filoflex, and the first year that I’m using any planner since I started working from home, and it will also be the first year that I reach most or all of my goals! I think reviewing is important to make sure you stay on track.

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