D is for… Diary


Some Filofax fans might wonder why I am even attempting to try to do a diary insert. Both Steve (of Philofaxy) and Ray Blake (my life all in one place) produce fantastic templates for all preferences so why even go there. Well, you’ll be glad to hear I am not going to do that in this post.

What I am going to do is revisit my popular monthly Diary Summaries. (The originals can be found here.) Here is what March looked like:


I originally designed these 6 months ago and so I have decided to take the opportunity to review and revamp.

I love the monthly overview calendar in the corner and went on to use this in my daily To-Do-Diary. There is something about viewing it in a monthly grid that makes more sense to my brain. There is of course the column with all the dates (with the weekends coloured). When I originally designed this I was wondering whether I would have enough room to write in this column. But since I only use it to write in Key Events so I can tell whether I am free and not everything in my schedule, this is not a problem.

However, what I have changed is I have removed “Events” and “Birthdays” as these are usually included in my schedule anyway and replied this with “Monthly To-Dos”. This is largely so that it fits in with my to-do-diary but I also think it is useful to others.

insert - D

This section will include things I need to do in a particular month but that don’t need to be done by a specific date. This way you don’t have to keep writing it and moving it over in your daily or weekly planner if you still haven’t got round to it and it is in your face every time you check your monthly overview (and in my case to-do list – as I keep it at the front of my To-Do Divider in my Filofax).

Do you use a monthly to do list? Or do you work from a daily or weekly to do list instead?

Download: Diary Summary (Monthly Overview) (revised)


5 thoughts on “D is for… Diary

  1. I never plan or write anything down except on my wall calendar but I do like the look of some Filofaxes.

  2. I have a monthly calendar and a daily page. On the back of my monthly calendar is a place for tasks that need to be done sometime during the month. I always fill that out. I also have a page finder with an insert that includes things to be done sometime during the week. I’ve been trying to only put on my daily page the things that MUST be done that day.

    I really love your monthly overview sheet. I haven’t downloaded it yet but I’m probably going to. Good job!

  3. I used to write down things but now I keep them in my phone. The one issue I have with writing down stuff in my log is that I forget to read it. At least with the phone it will alert me to pay attention. However, I have actually ignored my alerts too. LOL! Good post!

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