B is for… Blog Planner


Most readers are of course bloggers themselves and most bloggers have a plan, method or routine that they go through when then write a blog post. This routine is unique and personal to them.

Many fellow Filofax & stationery bloggers have their own inserts that they already use. So I simply want to share how I do mine. (If you have your own blog post sharing your blogging inserts/set up feel free to post a link in the comments).

I split my blog planner inserts into 3 types:

  1. Blogging Schedule Insert – for planning my month/ideas
  2. Blogging Checklist Insert – for my drafts/research
  3. Blogging Checklist – for the post draft checklist.

Having used these inserts and the notebook for a few months these have now been revised to take out all the steps that I do on autopilot and now focus on the ones that I fall down on – therefore condensing the insert and focusing on my goals and habits.

The latest addition to my Free Filofax Inserts is my revised blogging checklist. See the image below for an example:

Letter B Insert

As can be seen in the image above it is a much more condensed checklist and it focuses on the social media and sharing side of things which I fall down on big time.

I have retained the comments section as I like to know who is visiting the blog and making sure that I return the favour by visiting and keep the conversation going/keep in touch etc.

I want to read and visit more blogs as ever since my Google reader exploded and I couldn’t bear to look at it again I have cut way back on my blog reading. That was 2 years ago and I am slowly building up a collection of my favourite blogs again. Although I am still looking for an alternative to Google reader (again suggestions/recommendations are welcome in the comments).

The last section is for further inspiration that come from the blog post – this may be in the form of a simple idea that I have, but other times it comes from a comment or email that I receive that gets me thinking. ooh that would be good…. or I could do this better. This section is for that extra stuff.

If you like my checklist you can download it but what is on your checklist should reflect your needs, your habits and seek to help you maximise your blogging time.

Go forth and maximise your blogging productivity.

Download: Blogging Checklist



6 thoughts on “B is for… Blog Planner

  1. And I thought I was organized!!! Nothing better than maximising. 😉 Thanks for the great info!

    Terri @ Scribbler’s Sojourn

  2. You are much more regimented than I . I like to cover so many subjects I would spend more time coordinating than reading other blogs or writing my own.

  3. I am searching for a new blog reader since Googlereader will be dead in November. So far, I’m enjoying Bloglovin and using that as an experiment!

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