A is for… the A to Z Challenge


You may have noted my blog post regarding preparation for the Blogging to A to Z Challenge in which I shared the notebook I had created specially for the occasion. As the challenge has already started I will assume that you have already covered themes, A to Z Brainstorming, and drafted and scheduled your posts.

So today I am discussing how to make the most of visiting the blogs during the challenge and keep track of your progress through the blogs.

Over 1000 blogs have now signed up for the challenge. That is a lot of reading. I find that if I visit a blog in the early days and enjoyed it I want to make a note to go back and read it which is where this insert comes in.

The latest addition to my Free Filofax Inserts is my daily checklist for the A to Z Challenge. See the image below for an example:

LetterA Insert

This is based on the daily checklist set out in my full download (available here) in which I set out one for each day (and a catch-up Sunday). However, for ease this quick little insert is available as an alternative.

On my checklist I note how many blogs I visited and note the ones that I like. The challenge brings together a wide collection of blogs. Some of them I will enjoy for the duration of the challenge but wouldn’t necessarily read outside of April, others I would like to visit on a more regular basis, and others are not really my cup of tea. I like to make a distinction between these different categories and note which blog falls into which category – especially if I want to visit it a few times during the challenge before deciding whether to subscribe or follow on twitter etc.

How do you remember which blogs to revisit after or during the challenge? and how do you keep track of them all? Share your process in the comments.

Download: A to Z Challenge Checklist


12 thoughts on “A is for… the A to Z Challenge

  1. Good to know that someone actually has come up with the list thing, as I was feeling left out.. Nice post!

  2. That’s way too organised for me. If I like a post and want to see more I favourite it in my atoZchallenge folder, then if I have time and think I might have forgotten someone I check my favourites.
    Usually there are favourite twitter mates I want to support and will keep an eye out for them when they link on there too. I’ve probably visited 20 today. Some I knew but many were random dips like this one. Enjoy your AtoZ.

    • Because I usually work on shared computers (and don’t like signing in to everything under the sun incase I forget to log out again) I usually work with twitter and a notebook to keep track. This year I came prepared. Last year I was a mess.

  3. I love that you are so organized for the a-z chllenge, I tend to not be quite as organized. I try to visit anywhere from 10-20 blogs per day (doesn’t always happen) and of course have a post up on both my blogs. This little check list is pretty awesome.

    • Visiting an X number of blogs a day doesn’t always work but I find keeping a note makes me feel like I am getting somewhere (particularly with such a huge list of blogs.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Great post. Being organised is a great feeling. Good luck with the rest of the challenge 🙂

  5. This post certainly inspired me to get moving on being a tad more organized. Great post and start to the Challenge!
    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  6. You have made me think that I have to write down blogs that I want to visit agin as already I have found some blogs hard to find in fact for most I’ve had to go throught twitter,I will start writing them down now.

  7. Oh, how very organized of you! I should probably make a point of something similar. Some people catch me right away, though more often, I find these relationships build a little slower. I started at my name and am going down from there (I will try probably 30 new ones a day) and then I am ALSO trying to visit all who visit me. But noting blogs I like is a good plan.

  8. I have not yet come up with a process yet and certainly not one as organized as you. So far I have gone to the page and clicked on different blogs at random. There are so many it becomes a fun game! Might need to come up with a more methodical process as the challenge continues beyond Day One!

    • Oh don’t worry about not having a process the blogs I chose on day one were pretty much at random. The key thing for me is always remembering who to visit again. I am also trying to use twitter more.

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