A to Z Challenge and Keeping up to date.


So tomorrow is the first day of April and the first day of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge (which I have been babbling about for the last  2 months and it is finally here). Last week on the official A to Z Blog Judy wrote a post about following and friending during the challenge. If you have taken part in the challenge before you will know that taking part, meeting new friends and finding new blogs to follow is a large part of what makes this challenge so great.

The blogging world is split in two – some use wordpress while others use blogger. I have one blog on each for this challenge and it will be interesting to see how they compare. The suggestions for wordpress bloggers in Judy’s post include – RSS feed, email subscription, Linky followers, Networked Blogs, Google + and wordpress follow.

I have now added an RSS Feed and Email subscription to my side bar. I had a look at Linky Followers and Networked Blogs and they didn’t particularly appeal to me so I have signed up for an alternative  – BlogLovin  – instead. As for Google + this continues to irritate me so I have not signed up for this either as I suspect it will migrate all my google stuff over and there will be no going back (but feel free to correct me if I am wrong).

I have also decided to dust off my Facebook page and actually start to use it and I have included a Facebook “like” box in my side bar as well and finally I have also got round to setting up my newsletter which will be distributed monthly and provide exclusive content to subscribers. Sign up here for free.

I look forward to seeing you during the a-to-z challenge.



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