Using Printed Portal Notebooks with your Filofax

You might already keep notebooks in the pockets of your Filofax. However, today I got asked about putting a pocket-sized Printed Portal Notebooks into a Filofax. So I thought I would show how my pocket and A5 size notebooks fit into a Filofax.

Personal Filofax with Pocket Sized Notebook

pocket notebook in Personal

1 pocket sized notebook will fit snuggly into the cover pocket of my Cross Filofax (however there is not enough room in my Slimline Cuban). Below you can see the view from the top and a slimline pocket notebook like the goals notebook really does not take up much space. However, with chunkier notebooks like my Blogging Planner which is 140 pages there is not enough give in the pocket of the personal cross. You can of course simply keep it in the cover.

pocket noteook in personal top view

A5 Filofax with Pocket Sized Notebook

The A5 Filofax is of course roomier and the notebooks tuck right into the pocket as seen in the pictures below – when it is pushed right in you can barely see it sticking out the side.

pocket notebook in A5

Pocket notebook in A5A5 Filofax with A5 Notebook

My monthly notebook collection are A5 in size. Again, these will fit into the front pocket of my A5 Identity. Of course the alternative is to actually punch holes in the notebook and keep in the Filofax itself. (You can punch the pocket-sized notebooks into the personal filofaxes as well, but they stick over the edge of the Filofax paper – slightly). The A5 Notebooks match up with the A5 Filofax paper perfectly.

Examples of the notebooks both in and out of the rings can be seen in the collection below:

a5 fiolofax and notebook

If you are interested get your notebooks here or download the A-to-Z challenge Notebook (personal) for free and print yourself (there is still time before the start of the challenge).

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