Happy World Book Day

In case you didn’t know today is world book day. wordbookday

I used to love world book day at school as a kid. Being a bookworm the idea of a read-a-thon in the school hall instead of classes was my idea of bliss. I think it is a great initiative. Although the £1 book token won’t go far these days.

Unfortunately more recently I have been falling behind with my reading. So today I have decided to revisit the list of 1000 novels everyone should read. This is based on a list released by the Guardian a few years back. At the time my New Year’s Resolution was to read more and this seemed like as good a list as any to use as a starting point.

However, I also like reading new releases and non-fiction so unfortunately I haven’t got very far. Additionally I have read a few of these novels already which means I have read even less since I started on the list than it seems.  Fail! I haven’t even reached 100.

So the solution:

I have decided not to keep a list of books to read, but rather just keep a list of the books I do read and a list of books to buy (maximum of 5 at a time). My Filofax is of course perfect for this. So I added a Reading List and Books to Buy Inserts to my personal Filofax inserts.

You can download yours for free here.


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