My Week #8: March Already!!?!

I can’t believe that we have reached March already. February seemed shorter this year than before (but obviously it wasn’t). In “Big News” it was my birthday this week and I am despairing at being yet another year older. This week I simply wrote “My Birthday”!! There was something depressing about getting older.


But in reality I did do other things. I went out for a lovely meal on my Birthday. I went to London this week as well (work related) and then had a good catch up with colleagues from a previous job at the weekend.

As mentioned last week I wanted to do a little review of how my other diaries interact.

As can be seen in the second photo (above) I have a daily to-do diary which gets very cluttered so that I don’t have to write so much in my monthly planner. As it is the end of the month I have also included a picture of my monthly Moleskine which I use for planning my blog posts (in a colour coded fashion). Some people wonder how I work with so many planners and filofaxes. Don’t get me started.

The Monthly Planner gives me my overview and some planning pages, then I work through the to do diary throughout the day as it manages my to-do list and then my Moleskine is for my blog planning (although have the time I don’t plan in advance and just keep track of when I blog instead).

At the moment I am mostly using this set up although this is due to change this month with the A to Z Challenge fast approaching.





2 thoughts on “My Week #8: March Already!!?!

  1. It was shorter this year.. last year was lemooap year! Lol but it did seem to go extremely fast.

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