A to Z Challenge Notebook

As Printed Portal is all about the organisational notebooks I designed one for the A to Z Challenge back in January and it is now in full swing. Obviously I don’t want to make money for selling notebooks relating to the challenge (as the Challenge is not mine to make a profit from) but obviously I also can’t provide a notebook for free.

A to Z Notebook

BUT what I am offering (if you don’t mind the DIY printing and binding) is a PDF copy of the notebook for download for FREE.

So what does it include?

  • Brainstorming Page;
  • Alphabet Overview List;
  • A – Z Blog Post List for prepping your draft posts;
  • Monthly Planner (for both March and April);
  • Daily Checklist (for the full month of April including Catch-Up Sunday pages);
  • Post-Challenge Review Post;
  • Post-Challenge Weekly Check-ins (May – Dec); and
  • Planning for 2014 Challenge

So why bother planning the A-to-Z Challenge?

  • It helps you keep on top of all your planning
  • It helps you generate your ideas (and remember your ideas)
  • It helps structure your Blog Posts and Reading other Blog Posts
  • It helps you manage your time post-challenge

It really is that simple to make the A to Z challenge a year-long event (and have another memento at the end of it).

At the moment I am working through the letters coming up with ideas. If you are struggling the recent post from the challenge site provides lots of useful information to help you get stuck in.


3 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge Notebook

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