App Review: Daily Goals

I have been using Daily Goals on my iphone for almost a month now and have decided that it is my favourite habit tracker that I have tried so far. It is simple, sleek and has that dash of colour to make it, well, beautiful.

There are two views: Month View and Today View. You have the ability to add eight habits. Personally I think that this is enough as you will want to focus on other things in your day.


In the monthly view (pictured above) there is an overview of the month including the habits so you can see how you are doing – the bright colours standing out on the dark background. The habits are also listed at the bottom of the page to remind you which colour represents which habit.


Clicking on “today” you will then be able to view your list of habits. Checking them off is easy – you just tap on the coloured circle. Simple.

However, this daily goals app is not without its downsides (how often do you get an app that caters for all your needs). Just in case you are considering downloading this (free) app I have listed the key downsides (which are available on comparable apps) below:

  • It does not suggest habits / daily goals – you have to decide on them yourself.
  • It does not have an alarm or reminder setting to remind you to do the daily habit (or open the app and check them off).
  • It does not have the ability to allow you to backdate/amend your entries – so if you forget, you can’t change it.


These downsides can be a drag if you are not the sort of person who will remember to develop checking and updating this app into a routine. Fortunately I am and do it just before I go to bed. Although that hasn’t stopped me missing a few entries when I didn’t go to bed before midnight.

Thankfully the downsides don’t really matter to me and the sleek and simple design is enough for me to choose this app to use each day.


One thought on “App Review: Daily Goals

  1. Great, simple idea for an App. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

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