Week 5: a clean week with my new monthly planner

Last week I started using my Planner 02. I have decided to keep it clean cut and “stylish” for a new look. internalwk1

Last week was one of those hectic weeks where I seemed to have something on each evening from Art Exhibits to Bowling.

My New Year Resolution of trying new things and being social is actually going quite well. This week I even attended an open lecture at my local university.

Honestly though I am loving the clean and tidy look of last week – it makes life feel much less hectic and more tranquil. Yes, tranquil (rather than simply feeling relaxed).

I have gone for lime green pen for a couple of reasons…

1. I actually really like the lime green and it looks great against the clean white; and

2. all my other pens are running done at work (I have a set of stabilo fineliners for work and a set for home). Particularly, the red since I do a lot of drafting (and correcting).

I will see if I can keep this neatness through into next week…


One thought on “Week 5: a clean week with my new monthly planner

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