April 2013 A to Z blogging challenge

 I am already looking forward to the A to Z Challenge which is taking place in April. This list for sign ups opened on 30th January. I signed up that evening and there were already over 300 blogs signed up (I did try to post about it last week but failed due to ongoing computer issues). There are now over 600 blogs signed up.

So what is the A to Z Challenge? The Challenge is to write 26 daily blog posts one for each letter of the alphabet during the month of April (Sundays are a day of rest). The second part of the challenge is to visit as many of the blogs taking part in the challenge as possible. I always find this part much more challenging. (There are blogs from the 2012 challenge that I never got round to reading despite taking part in the post-challenge road trip).

Sound like fun? Why not join in.

I enjoy the A to Z challenge as it helps me revive my blogging, reach out to new readers and find a great collection of new blogs to add to my reading list. I am sure you will find it exciting too.


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