Paperblanks Journal

This is the new notebook I got for Christmas. I did my thank you notes and said I would use this notebook as a journal.

This week I actually started using it.


Some of you will immediately recognise that it is a paperblanks notebook. It is a Tiffany Autumn Vine Notebook, part of the Tiffany leaded glass collection and I love it.

Paperblanks notebooks have never really appealed to me – a lot of their designs I don’t really like – but amazingly I love this design (and what is even more surprising is that I got it as a gift and wasn’t consulted on the purchase).

Do you regularly journal?

I used to write and read in the hours leading up to bed without fail when I was a student. Last night I settled down to write with an already sore arm, hunger pangs and by half nine had written nothing and had fallen asleep.

So “journal” continues so be on my daily goal/habit list.

Getting into the habit

Finding a routine for both journaling and blogging has been hard. The “way of life” app (which I mentioned in my previous post about tracking New Years resolutions and habits) has provided me with reminders at 9pm asking if I want to write in my journal. I hate the look and feel of this app and I am not using it for my tracking app, however that little reminder does put “oh might write in my journal tonight”.

Sometimes it works.

Unfortunately with such a busy schedule at the moment I can only do one of the following goals (not all 3) on a daily basis… Read, Journal or Blog??

Which would you choose?


One thought on “Paperblanks Journal

  1. That’s a really neat looking notebook! And I agree, journaling is hard to do on a regular basis.

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