My Week #2: Diary Entries and Goal Planning…

This week has been a rather hectic one in terms of planning – and home improvement. I am still waiting for my new diary to arrive (but I have received confirmation it was dispatched on Friday).

Until then here is.. my week (the front door light is currently being installed so no lights so I apologise for the dark photo):



It seems rather empty but that is because I have been working off a separate to do list – a step by step goal list.

The goal this week has been to get our spare room (and house) to a standard where we are able to rent it out.

This has required multiple shopping trips after work and lots of revisions of a master list.



On the first list is a general to do list of all the things that need to be done – sorted by room.



On the second page is a list of all the things that need to be done grouped together into things that can be done at the same time – together with a column for when they need to be done (and a note of who is to do the task). For example I have left all the heavy manual stuff for my other half as I know I simply won’t be able to do it by any stretch of the imagination.


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